Smartshop / Eyechamber ()


Hanout fine kan khzen les modèles 3D li kan dir. Ba3d lmerrat tan 3emmro, o chi merrat kan khwi8.


A changing cabinet of curiosities where I keep the artifacts I steal with my eyes. When something catches my attention, I try to virtually remake it using 3D computer imagery when I go back home and then add it to the space. The Smartshop shrinks and grows over time as I open the file when I have a moment, or when someone reminds me about it. It then gets rendered and printed in punctual moments such as in exhibitions. Inside, you can find replicas of artworks I like, objects I encounter in the street, food I ate and lumps of digital clay I forgot why I made them.

A dyptich version has been acquired by the UMC Hospital of Amsterdam. Read more about it here.