Hadra Collider ()

In his studio at the Rijksakademie, Salim has been developing what he calls a ‘Hadra(1) Collider’ also spelled: ‘7adra(2) Collider’ or ‘8adra(3) Collider’. A conceptual device he coined in reference to the Large Hadron Collider to imagine a particle accelerator built inside his throat. By adding tongues and making words and mediums hit each other he hopes to find the particle-x in language and answer questions of cultural violence.

He used programming that includes speech recognition libraries and real-time interactive software to create a distorted stream of improvised narratives that he speaks to the microphone commenting on the space and its artifacts. The distortions that happen when the machine tries to understand the voice are used to steer the narrative line creating a feedback loop that jumps from language to language.  

(3) 8adra (الهضرة) in Moroccan darija means talk.

(2) 7adra (حضرة) means procession and presence.

(1)Hadra is a made-up word in limbo.