Corner Links ()


Tel3at el 9ont, we93at f simana dial Rijksakademie Open fAmsterdam f2019.

B7al chi 7al9a, walakine f9ant, kent kan kherref 3la tsawer, tamathil, o lkhedma li dert hadak l3am f studio diali o kan neyech bwa7ed lazer 3lihom. Ba3d lmerrat kan hder blanglais, isbaniya, arabia o 7ta holandia. Ken baghi nkhrej men rassi o nchof had tebla b7al chi haja li ma  kan 3rafch. Nbeddel nedra ou ngherreb dak chi li ntejt.

Mni tewjed lvideo ghadi nzid8a hna. bread new


Corner Links happened during the Rijksakademie Open 2019.

It consisted of a selection of artifacts made and collected through the year placed on tatami mats where me and other residents trained wrestling (no-gi BJJ) and a performance happening 'every now and then' at multiple times every day of the week. I wanted to foreign what I made myself. Displace my view on the table to generate an improvised stream of meaning and narration.

Video documentation coming soon.