Corbes ()

🇲🇦Darna kat 3ti 3la wahed l9achla kbira ma 3emmerna ma 3refna chno fiha ldakhel. L3asskar tay dekhlo ou i kharjo law3lem ach tay diro temma. Kol 3am tay golo ghadi i reyboha walakine hadi chi 10 snine ou mazal ma tra walo (3awdo sebghoha beyda ga3) Wellefnaha, ou mni kan tkheyel ghadi i reyboha tay b9a fia l7al donc fekkert fchi tari9a bach n7tafed 7la chi haja men had lbatema lkhayb.

Had lfikra sbagha fel 7ait dial biti li tay 3ti 3la dar jiranna. Daba wakha i reyboha, 3endi fbiti ou jirane cha8dine.

🇬🇧Our house was built in front of a huge mysterious military building. Since we started living here we never knew much about what is going on inside. We don't even know how to call it. All we know is that it's supposed to be an abbandonned barrack where are still a few soldiers coming in and out.

According to what I investigated, back in the 80's there was a place somewhere far from the city center called Corbes, where some unethical confession techniques where practiced. I'm not sure but it's possible that we chose to live just in front of it.

"Corbes" will be destroyed soon. I thought about keeping something from it and sharing it somehow. This work consists of a painting that represents the view from our house rooftop to the Corbes building.

Our neighbors can't see Corbes but can see my painting throught my balcony. In ten years I never talked to them so I consider it as a silent gift for them. Maybe they have a nicer view while they wash the dishes now.